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COVID-19 has further transformed customers’ ever-changing behaviour and demand. The escalation of customers’ engaging digital channels rather than physical stores will remain as one of the major trends. While customers’ demand for round-the-clock services and seamless offline and online customer journey continue to increase.

Powered by the Global Acceleration Academy (GAA), the GAA Seamless Journey Accelerator aims to source innovative solutions to fulfill customers’ expectations, in order to maintain relationships with their valued customers, as well as to attract new customers, in this fast-evolving industry landscape. 

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Info Sessions

First Info Session   
24 Feb, 2021 (Wed)
2:30PM (GMT+8)
Language: Cantonese
Sharing Partners:
1. Kabushikigaisha Limited
2. Pakpobox Hong Kong Limited
Video Recap: Click Here
Second Info Session   
10 Mar, 2021 (Wed)
4:30PM (GMT+8)
Language: English
Sharing Partners:
1. Jebsen Consumer
2. Watami International Limited
Video Recap: Click Here

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