Bringing together pioneers to reinvent logistics, buildings and related industries


The COVID-19 pandemic further accelerated the shift in consumer behaviour from traditional to online shopping, providing an incentive for increased industry development. But despite the introduction of new technologies, global logistical restrictions due to the pandemic - as well as an unstable supply chain and limited labour - led to new challenges for the logistics industry. In the buildings industry, issues with an aging workforce and appetite for energy conservation have made these obstacles more apparent. 

To tackle problems and pain points, and accelerate efforts in minimising these challenges, our partners from both industries are taking an open approach to a range of ideas. Innovative solutions in storage, delivery, data handling, management, energy conservation, carbon neutrality and more are greatly welcomed to solve current industry pain points. 



Industry pain points: 

  • Increased fuel costs, leading to higher delivery and operation costs  
  • Packaging sizes becoming larger, reducing storage spaces  
  • An upturn in delivery destinations, resulting in higher delivery costs  
  • The rising complexity in customised orders from storage to delivery, incurring higher operation costs 
  • Huge demand for data handling as orders spike due to online shopping 


Industry key considerations: 

  • Innovative and cutting-edge ideas that are unique to the industry 
  • Solutions with market validation  
  • Robotic solutions for an increasing amount of customised orders 
  • Real-time AI solutions for - fleet tracking and route suggestions to handle road emergencies
  • AI solutions for turning an increasing amount of data and orders into industry insights and trends
  • Simple strategies for scaling up 


Buildings & Related Services

Industry pain points: 

  • Ageing workforce, resulting in lower productivity  
  • Limited and unstable labour due to the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Ever-changing building information  
  • Higher demand for sustainability and environmental conservation 
  • Difficulties in managing aging buildings due to outdated facilities compared to newer structures  

Industry key considerations: 

  • Innovative and cutting-edge ideas that are unique to the industry 
  • Solutions for energy conservation, automation, and digitalisation 
  • Strategies for monitoring multiple locations at once 
  • Real-time management system for transparency and better customer experiences 
  • Carbon neutralisation for effective building management 
  • Solutions for increased productivity and better labour allocation, avoiding expansion of workforce 


Our partners in both the logistics and buildings industries are open-minded about potential solutions to help solve their pain points – here are some tips that would help tech ventures to propose solutions that can attract partners’ attention.

  1. Understand the partner’s needs
  2. Clearly outline how the solution could benefit them 
  3. Use point-form/videos/graphics for a clearer and more dynamic presentation 
  4. Use data and research, and quote use cases to provide substance to the proposed solutions 
  5. Remain honest about the strengths and limitations of the solution


(in alphabetical order)
Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl), is one of the leading air cargo terminals with unique world-class facilities. Operating since 1976, Hactl supports the import, export and transshipment of air cargo in Hong Kong. Our SuperTerminal 1 is the single largest and most sophisticated multi-level cargo handling facility in the world, and is the subject of constant upgrades and system enhancements – designed to keep delivering the most efficient and best possible performance for our customers.
  • Automated Cargo Buildup and Breakdown
  • Automated Airline Pallet Contour Checking
  • Reduce manual checking of physical documents
Hong Kong Express Airways Limited, is Hong Kong’s only low-cost airline and has forged its own path as a leader in the city’s aviation industry. Recognised as one of the world’s top-10 safest low-cost carriers, it has successfully flown more than 15 million guests since it was founded in 2013. Concentrating on best in class, on-time performance and safety, it has introduced new routes throughout the region, connecting travellers to some of the most popular destinations in Asia.
  • AI/AR applications to support automation and remote inspection for flight maintenance, replacing manual labour
  • Network and Wi-Fi solutions to enhance in-flight connectivity and entertainment during the entire journey
Jebsen Group, is a leading brand builder and a focused marketing, investment and distribution organisation. A family-owned private company with over 125 years of continuous presence in Greater China, Jebsen is committed to supporting our partners’ needs in building market demand, generating sales, and connecting customers across the region. As a strategic co-pilot, Jebsen elevates the value of partnering brands and helps them achieve success.
The Group has four Core Business Lines – Motors, Beverage, Consumer and Jebsen Capital – and two further established business lines around Industrial and Logistics. Jebsen offers over 200 of the world’s premium brands extensive and specialised local market access. Outside the region, Jebsen Group enjoys close ties with sister companies in Australia, South East Asia, Denmark and Germany.
  • Handy solutions for parcel tracking
  • Automation to streamline value-added services in warehouse
  • All other solutions for consolidating project management and asset management on properties
Kai Shing Management Services Limited, which is a member of Sun Hung Kai Properties, was established in 1978. It currently manages over 100 million square feet of properties across Hong Kong, including A-grade commercial buildings, shopping malls, premium residences, large-scale residence estates, and Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) estates. It also manages numerous clubhouse and leisure facilities.
  • Advanced transportation systems - such as drones - for future buildings
  • Centralised monitoring systems to provide real-time updates for property management
  • Alternative lighting for buildings to achieve carbon neutrality
K.Y.H. Steel Company Limited, is the premier steel supplier for the construction and manufacturing industries in Hong Kong and Macau for over 70 years. Its warehouses carry full range of steel materials in different specifications suitable for the industries. Its professional team also provides customized solution covering aspects including technical, logistical and storage to meet any project requirements of customers.
  • Recognizing,  identifying, logging, and labeling of in-bound (warehousing) stock
  • Automatic Storage system that can pick out and sort steel material in different sizes
Modern Living Property Management Limited, is a major property management service provider for public housing in Hong Kong. Its property management services include estate management services (entailing general management, tenancy management, financial management, repair and maintenance), security services and cleaning services.  Now it manages over 20 public housing estates with over 60,000 housing units in Hong Kong.
  • Digitalization of property management - such as patrol by robots, work flow automation, data analytics
  • BIM solutions for management and real time monitoring of buildings
  • Integration of energy and resources management system with ESG indicators

Techoy Construction Company Ltd., is one of the main construction contractors in Hong Kong, focusing on building for better living through professional construction and management services. Under the Thelloy Development Group (HKEX: 1546), its current areas of focus include New Building Works, the Repair, Maintenance, Alteration and Addition (RMAA) and Modular Integrated Construction (MiC). It has in recent years completed Nam Cheong 220, the first MiC transitional housing project built in Hong Kong, and revitalisation projects including PMQ: one of the first large-scale heritage transformation projects for design and creative industries.
  • Renewable energy sources and environmental monitoring to improve energy efficiency at construction sites
  • Innovative machinery, gadgets and robotic solutions to maximise productivity that is easily adoptable across sites
  • Simple and agile construction management system to digitise forms and processes

UFL Group, is a global leader in providing freight forwarding and logistics solutions since 1968. Created from humble origins, today it has wholly-owned subsidiaries throughout Asia, North America and Europe; owned offices in 17 countries, and exclusive agency operations in more than 150 cities across the globe. These long-standing strategic partnerships have been carefully developed over decades. More than 1,500 employees work 24/7 to ensure clients’ freight is handled safely in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • E-commerce platform with user-friendly experience to collect behavioural data from customers and merchandisers
  • Centralised platform for supply chain management for multiple vendors and stakeholders
  • Warehouse automation system for storage and delivery