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The pandemic forced countries and regions to be the first region to lockdown and hence freezing production, leading to delays of shipments, impacting inventory management. Lately, the world’s consumer market is gradually resumes, the explosive demand is creating a huge mismatch between production and raw material supply, disrupting the whole supply chain and manufacturing business. Here are some key challenges and opportunities:
  • Timely replenishment to overcome material shortage
  • High-mix, low-volume (HMLV), and smaller batch products are proliferating
  • Immediate response to market, more predictive capabilities
  • Improve end-to-end supply-chain visibility
  • Demand for automation and robotics to stem worker shortages


Today, manufacturing business is more competitive than ever, advanced- manufacturing technologies are grabbing the attention of manufacturing leaders as it offers an intelligent, more streamlined supply chain process, providing better visibility and predictive capability. AI, automation, connectivity, advanced analytics were gaining momentum, however not every aspect can easily implement technologies, our partners identified the scope of work has high tendency to change, and their key considerations:
High tendency to change
  • Repetitive works such as painting, picking & packing
  • Documentation, data entry, order-taking
  • Logistics and inventory control within the production site
  • Resources planning (human and materials) and quality checks
  • Machinery maintenance and monitoring
Key considerations
  • Reliability, ground supports and maintenance
  • Project implementation time
  • Learning cycle/ user-friendless, any programming or special skills required
  • Integrate with legacy system
  • Special requirement for infrastructure/ facilities for automation technologies

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HungHing Printing Co Ltd., one of the largest printers in Asia, established over 70 years, headquartered in Hong Kong. Production plants at four locations across China, one in Vietnam. Clients include the most recognized names in toys and consumer goods, as well as leading publishers from around the world.
  • Production scheduling and planning solutions
  • Automation to stem labour shortage and replace manual works
  • All other solutions for improve production efficiency and reduce manual works such as warehouse and logistic tools
Mater Hero Manufacturing Co Ltd., an OEM toy manufacturer set up in CN and VN. They have set up production bases focusing on plastic, electronic, plush, and premium toys productions.
  • Warehouse solutions for inventory control, stock-taking, and in-factory logistics, cover every touch points include testing/ waiting goods, finished products, and shipments
  • Logistics solutions to improve traceability of products (per components, and touch points) for better quality control
Richmond Healthgear Co Ltd., specialized in the supply of healthcare products and hardware installations, including plastic and metal parts and components related to Metal Injection Molding (MIM), a factory located in Dongguan. In addition to manufacturing, they are also engaged in trading and exporting business in China and North America.
  • Production scheduling and planning system to balance production with available resources, maximise the efficiency
  • Automated, real-time order-to-production solutions to receive online purchase order and deliver work order to production line
  • AI predictive maintenance to reduce machinery downtime

till 19 March 2021 | 23:59 (GMT+8)